God Parents

Since a child can't answer for him/herself at a christening, someone needs to answer on the child's behalf. For this reason godparents were introduced into the christening ordinance.

But Godparents are more than someone who says "yes" to the clergy. Godparents have historically taken on the commitment to raise the child in the Christian faith. But now is seems the role of godparent has become that of a “supporting friend” who assists parents and takes a special interest in the child.

At infant baptisms and Christenings, parents may also be godparents to their own child, and the parents of the child are required to make these statements together with the godparents.

    Debrene said, "I love the blog. I will become a GodParent on July 14th and can't wait. I'm already involved in my Godson's life. and look forward to watching him become a wonderful young man."

    Ed said, "We are blessed to have a set of loving godparents for our daughter and now our son. They have taken on the role of supporting friend in addition to assisting in raising our children as Christians. They follow in the footsteps of my wife's God parents who continue to play a huge role in our family. Our son will be baptized in two weeks and we are all looking forward to this renewal of faith."

    Jessica said, "We have decided to have Godparents for our children in case anything ever happens to us we know these people we've asked will step up and see to it that they continue their christian walk. We have chosen a couple that is very important to us and helps us with our walk. We know they are the perfect couple for this very important milestone. They are very supportive and very knowledgeable about the word of God. We are very blessed to have them in our lives and now our children's lives."

    Kelly said, "We have chosen my cousin and my husband's brother as our son's Godparents. We took great care in making this decision; although the role of the Godparent is primarily symbolic today, we are really hoping that our son will see his Godparents as role models and encourage his interest and participation in our faith."

    Rebecca said, "Being chosen to be a godparent is a very important role. I still honor my godmother who is my aunt on mothers' day with a card or flowers. They are supposed to be the one, along with your parents, to guide you in life and faith. It used to be that if something ever happened to you, they would parent your child. You chose people who have the same values and ethics as you do."

    Evelyn said, "I am a godparent twice and both of my goddaughters are very special to me. I hope to be involved in their lives and that they come to me whenever they need guidance and advice."

    Anonymous said, "I have chosen my older brother and younger sister to be the godparents for my precious baby girl. I admire and respect them both so much and I look forward to them teaching and guiding her through life in the same way that they guided me."

    M Loher said, "My daughter has two Godson's and is preparing to become a Godmother in November. She takes her responsiblities very seriously and spends time with the children talking about values and faith at a level that they can understand. I'm so glad that she is a part of the family and babysit's when time permits so that the boy's and she share a very warm and loving relationship. I know when Olivia is born, she too will enter the world to a wonderful mother and father - - and a Godmother who will nurture her and share all the joy's of God! I think parents are the ones who actually determine the role of the Godparents - my daughter is blessed that she is embraced as a member of the family."

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