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Descriptions of the Fabrics Used In Our Gowns

Cotton or Polycotton Batiste: a sheer, fine, soft, lightweight, plain weave fabric usually of combed cotton. Used for shirts, blouses, dresses, nightwear and lingerie. Batiste has a very delicate hand and a graceful drape. A high thread count makes a very smooth and soft, yet sheer fabric. It's delicate: wash batiste in a gentle or delicate cycle.
Cotton or Polycotton Broadcloth: a superfine, tightly woven medium weight cotton or polycotton in a plain weave with a smooth finish. It has a nice drape, holds creases well, and is soft and durable. Originally used as a shirting fabric.
Cotton Bubble Gauze: a thin, sheer plain-weave fabric, like a crinkle gauze, light and airy with an interesting texture.
Cotton Interlock: a double-knit, plain-stitched stretchy fabric that looks the same on both sides. Double knit construction makes this the heaviest of the 3 knits. Similar to a Jersey knit except both front and back of the fabric look identical. Interlock is the tightest weave, gives the smoothest surface and the finest hand.
Cotton Sateen: a very smooth and soft, finely woven fabric with a very smooth finish on one side giving it a lustrous sheen.
Crepe: a light, soft, thin fabric of silk, cotton, wool, or another fiber, with a crinkled surface.
Gabardine: a firm, durable, but soft cloth, with a diagonal twill line, usually a 45 or 63 right-hand twill.
Georgette: a lightweight, sheer fabric of polyester or silk with a crinkled, crepe-like surface.
Jacquard: a fabric of intricate variegated weave or pattern, often a floral or paisley.
Organza: A crisp, sheer, lightweight plain weave fabric, with a medium to high thread count, made of silk or polyester, used primarily in formal wear for women.
Pique: a medium weight fabric, tightly woven with raised cords.
Satin: a smooth fabric of silk, rayon or polyester with a glossy face and a dull back. Matte satin is woven to be less glossy but still lustrous.
Silk Dupioni: an elegant fabric woven with slubbed yarns of silk dupioni. The classic dupioni silk cloth is made with a tight plain weave and slubbed filling yarns that give it a texture slightly heavier than shantung. Silk dupioni fabric is light to medium in weight, with a crisp, scrunchy hand, a rough, uneven texture and a beautiful dull luster.
Silk Shantung: a plain weave fabric with a slight rib due to frequent slubs that give it an uneven surface texture somewhat similar to that of dupioni. Shantungs are lightweight and moderately crisp with a beautiful soft sheen. The look of shantung is also available in polyester.
Taffeta: a lustrous, medium weight, plain weave fabric that is smooth on both sides, usually with a sheen on its surface. This closely woven fabric has a crisp hand and a smooth surface and provides lots of body.
Tulle: a soft, fine mesh used for bridal veils and sometimes in wedding gowns. Tulle is either made from nylon, silk or rayon (artificial silk).

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