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Christening & Celebration Checklist

Whether your religious traditions include a Christening, Baptism, Blessing, Bris or Naming, a little advance planning can eliminate a lot of stress and make your baby’s special day one to cherish.

1.  Ceremony Location____________________________________________

2.  Date ____________________     Time _____________________________

3.  Contact officiator ______________________________________________

4.  Select Godparents and/or guardian.

    Update your will or trust to include provisions for your child. Discuss your expectations of them.

5.   Reserve facilities for celebration.

    Allow plenty of time for ceremony and transportation.   

     Facility _______________________   Time  __________  # Guests ________

    Guest List         Invitations         Menu           Decorations            Favors

6.  Photographs 

    Do yourself a favor. Ask several friends or family members to take a variety of picture types. This way you are sure to get some good candid shots. You will be so busy getting yourself and the baby ready that day, you’ll probably forget the camera (or the film) anyway and you can always do a more formal portrait if desired on a less hectic day.  

      Persons assisting with photographs:   

Digital_________________     Prints__________________   Video ________________

7.   Make arrangements necessary for any out of town guests.


Considerations when choosing your Baby’s Clothing Set

8. Dress, Gown, Outfit              

    a) The most important part of the clothing should be planned for well in advance in order to have correct style and size availability. 

    b) Of paramount importance is the comfort of the child. If the fabrication is soft, the baby is more likely to cooperate during the ceremony, enabling the experience to be a pleasant one for all.

    c) As most babies are unpredictable when it comes to drooling or spitting up, it is important to consider the wash-ability of the set. An enzymatic cleaner is recommended for hand washing special occasion clothing.

9. Bonnet or Hat  

    Is a bonnet or hat included with Christening Set? Do you wish to preserve the hat? A soft liner cap is advisable to protect the bonnet from oil, water or perspiration. Because a baby’s head often perspires, a simple white headband may be advisable for use during the celebration following the event.

10. Change of  Clothing

    One aspect of the baby’s special event that is often overlooked until it is too late is a special change of clothing allowing you to protect the ceremonial clothes from additional soil. If you plan to preserve the clothing, it is advisable to remove it as soon as possible after the ceremony. Changing your baby into a special celebration set will allow your baby to be as comfortable as possible, which will allow you to enjoy the rest of the celebration with family and friends.

Remember, a Happy Baby = a Happy Mom.

11.   Clothing Preservation   

    The vinyl bags which protect many Christening sets from dust and dirt while shipping and storage in the retail environment ARE NOT meant for long-term storage. The chemicals in the vinyl WILL damage by discoloration over the years.  If you would like access to the baby’s clothing, enabling you to share memories of the event with your child as they grow, consider a preservation bag. Heirloom preservationists agree that hand washing with an enzymatic cleaner and then storage in a chemical free cotton bag is the best option. When used with a similarly constructed padded hanger to prevent the creasing and discoloration associated with chemically treated hangers, the clothing may then be hung in a dark closet or stored in a cedar chest. (Please note that unbleached muslin or organic cotton are the only fabrics we are aware of that are not chemically treated.) Ask about our Heirloom Preservation Bags.

Additional Accessories Designed to Enhance Baby’s Special Celebration

12. Shoes 

    Matching shoes are available with or without a variety of religious and cultural symbols,  i.e. Cross, Shamrock or  Star of David.

13. Sock  

    Socks may be plain or decorated with lace and/or a symbol and should match as closely as possible the color of the gown. If off white socks are unavailable, white cotton socks may be tea-dyed to match off-white gowns. Don’t panic over this item. If you are using a gown or long set it will most likely be unseen.

14. Bib 

    The bib is one of the most important accessories to purchase. You have made an emotional as well as physical investment in the ceremonial clothing. A bib will help to protect the bodice from protein (drool, formula, breast milk etc.) which has a tendency to show up as yellow stains years later.

15. Blanket

    Consider the climate control (air conditioning or heating) of the event location. A baby’s body is more susceptible to temperature changes than that of an adult or older child. It is advisable to have a lightweight blanket or shawl available in case of need. There are many such items available, which will coordinate with your ceremonial clothing.

16. Scripture 

    St. Joseph’s (Catholic) or King James (Protestant). A special bible or set of scripture for your baby’s instruction or (later) wedding keepsake makes a nice addition or gift. These are available in organza gift bags or vinyl bags.

17. Candle  

    For use during the ceremonial prayers associated with a Christening or baptism.

18. Towel 

     Used to wipe the water or oil from the baby’s head after the ceremony.

19. Certificate

    Beautiful commemorative Baptism Certificates, suitable for framing are available.

20. Memory Book 

     A special place for pictures of your baby’s special celebration day.

21. Picture Frame

    Picture of the special event makes a nice gift for yourself or for grandparents or those participating.

Christening to Wedding Keepsakes

22. Bracelet

    A Christening bracelet that becomes a part of the wedding bouquet or garter.

23. Boutonniere

    A special gift for baby boy. Becomes part of the wedding bouquet or garter.

24. Bonnet and Hankie

    Christening Bonnet turns into a trousseau hankie. Includes mother’s hankie.

25. Headband 

    Christening headband which turns into the wedding garter.

26. Mother’s  Hankie   

    A nice item to consider is a hankie for the mother, grandmothers and godmother, as a Christening often becomes a very emotional moment. The hankie may also be used later during the child’s wedding for "Something old, Something New".

Last but not least ~ Mom, do something nice for yourself.  Buy yourself a dress and shoes that you feel good wearing. You have worked hard to get to this point. Enjoy this day! You are creating a memory to last your lifetime.

Don’t forget – Camera, film or the baby!


© 2004 LTMAL All Rights Reserved. Used by permission.


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