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Celebration Ideas for After the Christening

A baby's Christening day is a special day when friends and family will all come together to celebrate. A lot of planning can go into making the Christening day perfect and memorable. Here are some ideas to help you plan an extra special day.

Susan wrote:

    We used Evite.com for invitations. It wasn't as nice as printed invitations would have been but was really convenient for us. After our baby's blessing, we had all of our friends and family over to our house for a simple party. It was Spring, so we decorated with fresh flowers (it was beautiful, especially after a long winter) and a bunch of framed pictures of the baby during the first 3 months of his life. I served a couple of different soups and salads, and we had a few different kinds of pie for dessert (my specialty). Pictures are really hard with a baby who does not sit up yet. We tossed a blanket over my cousin who was sitting on the sofa so that she was completely hidden. Then we layed the baby's pretty white blanket on top of that. We put the baby on her lap so she could hold him up and help him "sit" without tipping over. It worked really well, and we got some really good shots that show off his blessing outfit well. We got his outfit from ShepherdsCradle.com and were so happy with it - he looked like a little angel. My favorite gift was the preservation bag that someone gave us to store his blessing outfit in. It will keep it clean and away from chemicals that could discolor it over time (like vinyl and polyester), but we can still open it so he can see his blessing outfit as he grows up. I think it will mean more to him if he's somewhat familiar with the outfit when we eventually pass it down to him to use for his own children.

Regina wrote:

    We have been looking forward to our son's baptism for a few months. However, we had to wait until after the holidays to sanely prepare for this event. I've ordered his baptism outfit from Shepherds Kids. Even though he is 5 months old, he's wearing 9-12 months. Shepherds kids had the size in the style we fell in love with. As soon as it arrives, I'll take pictures of him in it and make our invitations with his pic. He can sit up quite well and loves to stand up when holding your fingers above his head. Because we have a small place and very limited parking, we'll be having a luncheon at a nearby restaurant. Can we say pre-fixed menu?! Forunately my husband is in favor of less work for the host/es.

Karen wrote:

    We are having a Christening for my first Godchild next month. Our family tradition is to buy a Claddagh charm for each new girl in the family. Baby Rachael will be number 15!!! As something special for her being baptized so close to St Patrick's Day, I wanted to have an outfit that was very Irish. I found the most beautiful shamrock gown and bonnet at Shepherd's Cradle and they even had shoes to match!! It will truly be a very Irish day for her!

Amalia wrote:

    This will be the fourth child we have baptized in the catholic faith. With each child time becomes very precious. So I have learned to have a lot of patience and keep things simple. In an effort to save on time and money I printed out my own invitations. I simply went to a craft store picked out a very simple invitation ran it through the printer with the font that I liked and invitations were done at a fraction of the cost. I then printed a standard thank you note and have then all stamped and ready to be mailed on the day after the christening. we decided to go to a simple restaurant in our neighborhood white linens and white balloon trees(helium balloons tied down with a weight) will be the perfect decorations for the reception(have them delivered). No mess to clean and everything runs smoothly on a time secheduale. Make sure everyone has a job to do this will make life easier. Godmother handles the cake Godfather handles the portable play pen for the baby to rest, daddy handles the other children and mom takes the baby. With all that in order just enjoy the rest of the day.

Ana wrote:

    The baptism will take place in 6 weeks in the same church where my husband and I married and with the same priest. I am finalizing the details of the brunch and it will take place in the courtyard portion of the restaurant where we had our wedding reception. The event will bring a lot of nice memories since family will be flying from out of town. I am finalizing the remembrance cards that we will pass out to the guests. This is very common in South America and Europe.

Katie wrote:

    We are thrilled to finally have the opportunity to have our little guy home and share this with our friends and family. He was born 3 months premature, and we have just recently gotten him home - 7 1/2 months later. So we are just keeping things simple and relaxed, enjoying the company. We are planning on having lunch - small sandwiches, veggie and fruit trays, and some yummy desserts. Enjoying the ones you love is the most rewarding part of the whole event

Abbie wrote:

    I just wanted to share my excitement and nervousness with regards to my sonís baptism on Sunday. My father died 2 months before my son was born and his dying wish was that I have him baptized. I am a practicing Catholic, but my husband is not. He is 110% supportive of this baptism (which surprised me in a great way when he was so into this). I have not been back to our church since my fatherís death and am so nervous. I am also pretty excited because I know he will be joining us in this celebration and that is so important to me. This is really going to be an overwhelming weekend full of so many emotions. I just pray for strength. I also pray that he and Brayden communicate that day in their own way.

Michelle wrote:

    I was blessed with twins - a boy and a girl and they will be baptized on Mother's Day. I can't think of a better day to baptize a baby! Since I didn't have time to create and send baby announcements..I am going to make Baptismal Announcements. I will put the date they were born as well as the date they were baptised. We plan to have a big family gathering where I will serve pasta salads, sandwiches and fruit..of course there will be a big cake and I will decorate with Tulips. My brother and sister will be the godparents.

Rebecca wrote:

    I ordered shoes for our daughter to wear and a memory bracelet that she will wear on her wrist and then on her wedding day. I think this is a great tradition to start then maybe someday she can hand it down. Thank you for providing great sentimental religious items. I can't wait for her to wear them on her baptism day. god bless.

Polly wrote:

    My son will be christened on 6/2/07 and we are just having a small get together afterwards. I picked his outfit from shephardscradle.com because I thought they had the best to choose from. My invitations were quite simple too. I didn't want to use something like evite.com because it seemed so impersonal for something that is very important to our family. My mother-in-law is baking a cake that is in the shape of a cross. It will be small, but quaint, and that's what we were looking for.

Michelle wrote:

    Sharing my thoughts on the celebration of our sonís special day...well, it has been a long journey and we cherish every moment. A year ago (on Mother's Day) we finally told our family that we were going to have our first child in Dec. 06. Now a year later (on Mother's day) Kiernan Sean will be baptized and blessed by God's graceful presence. To make it a special day, our family & closest friends (our extended family) will be a part of it. We will have the priest who married us (and who is a close family friend) do the honors of baptizing our son. Then following we will have everyone join us in a party celebration where I am sure all of the family will take turns in cherishing Kiernan. Every day is a beautiful day with our son and we know that God gave us the most precious gift of all . . . We are truly blessed!

Amy wrote:

    I chose a cotton baptism outfit from shepardscradle.com because our pastor told us that it is sometimes hard to hold a child that is wearing satin, especially when they are a bit older. We baptised our first 2 children fairly young, but our son will be 4 months old when he is baptised. This is just a little FYI.

Christina wrote:

    Our son will be baptized the end of July. We have invited many of the same people who were present at our wedding; family and friends who have supported us and we know will also support our son throughout life. We ordered our Baptism invitations at Vistaprint.com. Their prices are very reasonable and actually we received the first 10 free! This really helps when you are new parents on a tight budget. I also included a picture of our son on the invitation, for that personal touch. It was nice for family who live out of town that do not get to see him very often. We live in Florida and it is very hot right now! I was excited when I found the perfect outfit at the ShepherdsCradle.com; however, it was on back order. I contacted them via email and they responded within 24 hours, to let me know the outfit would in fact be in by the end of the week. Great customer service helps to make planning so much easier! My brother owns a local restaurant and he is going to be doing the food for the celebration after the baptism. We plan on eating and visiting with family. After all, that is the most important thing about the baptism, celebrating with friends and family the joyous occasion.

Dignora wrote:

    As centerpieces, I'm planning to have chocolate crosses in a pail in blue porcelain. The chocolates will be on a stick wrapped in see through paper and tied with blue ribbons.

Michelle wrote:

    My daughter's invitations looked professional, and I did them right from home! And cheaper than buying all of the little "fill in the blank" cards. I went to Target and got a "do it yourself" kit. I just typed it, printed, attached the ribbon and metal cross, and I was done. There is even a web site to get ideas for wording! It cost $15 for 20, thank you cards included! And I plan on typing the thank you cards using the same program. We're getting our daughters pics done prior to her baptism, and they will be included in the card. Great buy!

Kristin wrote:

    I am creating a music CD for my christening for my daughter. I created one for my wedding and it was a huge hit. I chose some religious songs about children as well as songs about daughters - it's beautiful and I think a nice favor for our guests.

Missy wrote:

    We have a great idea for those of you that don't have enough space in your homes to host a large event and would like to rent a space for a reasonable amount. Many town and county parks have rooms and/or gazebos that they will rent out for a minimal amount ($100 or so) This way, you can invite everyone you want to the celebration and there is "entertainment" for the kids already there!

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